Up to 3 Directory

We work in the community, if you need to contact staff members immediately, call our office at 435-797-3727 and Miriam will get a message to them.

Name Title
Sue Olsen Division Director
Marla Nef Program Coordinator
Miriam Williams Chavez Staff Assistant
Ryan Kwak Intake and Office Staff
Molly Kenning Intake and Office Staff
Jordan Thomas Service Coordinator 
Jacque Alderete Service Coordinator
Jamie Bitner Service Coordinator
Heather Mitchell Service Coordinator
Ashlyn Hatch Wiberg Service Coordinator
London Van Leeuwen Service Coordinator
Lindsey Pooler Developmental Specialist/Service Coordinator
Emma Speth Developmental Specialist
Kirany Bennett  Speech Language Pathologist
Jacqueline Guymon Speech Language Pathologist
Samantha Kendall Speech Language Pathologist
Jenni Radford Speech Language Pathologist
Megan Israelsen Speech Language Pathologist
Jessica Nielsen Speech Language Pathologist
Abbey Mendenhall Occupational Therapist
Kait Bennington Occupational Therapist
Jeanie Peck Social Worker
Megan Golson Psychology Graduate Student (Behavior) 
Aliya Halterman Psychology Graduate Student (Behavior)
Curt Phillips Physical Therapist
Jake Penrose Physical Therapist
Janel Preston Autism Specialist
Lisa Rock Autism Clinician 
Cathy Crump Li'l Aggies Teacher
Shawna Peterson Program Nurse
McKenna Voorhees Nutrition/Dietitian 
Rachel Williams Social Media/Website Manager, Spanish Interpreter
Jolie Tatton Spanish Interpreter 
Angie Atwood Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Therapist
Jen Kite Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Therapist 
Bess Dennison Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Therapist
Denise Johnson Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Therapist
Patti Bodine Division Support
Mary Hammond  BDI Evaluator 
Kevin Dylsin  BDI Evaluator