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Equipping Refugees with Disabilities

Dedi Ramba headshot

Dedi Ramba
Health Systems & Cardiovascular Disease Specialist

Founder and President
The Refuge Group

Meeting via Zoom
Wednesday, July 31, from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Pediatric Medical Shared Decision Making: Frameworks for Families and Providers

Webinar presenters: Jessie Allery (Applied Behavior Analysis), Rylee Kiernan (Special Education, PhD Student), Abigail Norton (Psychology), Emmie Gardner (Clinical Social Worker), Elena Stamm (Audiology), & Amy Reiser (Public Administration & Public Health). The presentations will addresses barriers and ways to overcome those barriers to increase communication around medical shared decision making.

The presentations will address barriers and ways to overcome those barriers to increase communication around medical shared decision making. 

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Wed., July 17, 2024
12:00-1:00 PM (MST)

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Thurs., July 18, 2024
6:00-7:00 PM (MST)


Digital Storytelling Series

Tia headshot

Tia is a 21 year old college student living in Logan, UT, who was adopted from China. In her story, she gives us insight on how mental health diagnoses have impacted her life both positively and negatively. She also goes in depth on how she has learned to advocate for herself.

Mindy Mair

Mindy Mair is from a rural area of Utah, and shares her experiences as a person with a disability there. From her sudden diagnosis (or lack thereof) to the unique challenges of being a wheelchair user in a small town, she shares it all. Her experience has taught her how to be more compassionate, and she hopes to spread that awareness by sharing her story.

Graphic representation of Eloy

Eloy is a Hispanic fourteen year old from Utah with autism. We asked him about his experiences in school and receiving disability services, and how his culture impacts it all. Per his request, only audio is being shared from his interview.


Cynthia is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and teacher from Salt Lake City, UT. She was born in India, moved to Utah in her teens, and has lived in the US ever since. She was recently diagnosed with several diseases, the most impactful being Type 1 Diabetes. She shares her difficult experience with getting a diagnosis and receiving services, and insights about how to be a more culturally responsive healthcare provider and human being.

Ana Liquin

Meet Ana Liquin from Logan, UT. She is a Latin American woman living with mental health diagnoses. She shares how her cultural background and disabilities intersect in this episode of Utah's Multicultural Disability Network's Digital Storytelling Series. *Trigger Warning*: This video contains conversation about suicide and suicidal ideation - viewer discretion advised.



Diversity includes: Sex, Gender, Age, Rural/Urban Communities, Race, Ethnicity
Balancing Diversity & Disability Services in Utah

What's the difference? Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx
Hispanic/Latino Communities in Utah

Asian American Communities in Utah

LGBTQ+ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often experience double stigma of being a person with a disability AND belonging to a sexual minority (Stanojevic et al., 2023).
LGBTQ+ Community in Utah

The counties with highest disability rates (Rich, Carbon, Emery, San Juan, Piute, Garfield, and Kane) happen to be some of the most rural.
Rural Communities in Utah


URLEND Resources

These resources were developed as part of URLEND Leadership projects (current and past), in collaboration with MULDINET.