Workplace Supports Training

The workplace supports training (WPS) is designed to provide supported employment and customized employment job coaches with information about supporting employees with disabilities in competitive integrated employment. The training is empirically driven and reflects a philosophy that all individuals who want to work, regardless of severity of disability, are provided with the necessary support to achieve competitive integrated employment outcomes. The WPS addresses the training requirements established by the Department of Workforce Services-Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (DWS-USOR) and the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.

Staff on the Project

Tim Riesen, PhD

Tim Riesen, PhD

Division Director of Research and Training

Phone: 435-797-4248
Hillary Hase

Hillary Hase

Training/Development Specialist

Phone: 435-797-0716


This project is funded through a contract with the Utah Department of Workforce Services.
Utah Department of Workforce Services Rehabilitation

Training Requirements
The Workplace Supports training is a hybrid training designed for job coaches. Participants must complete an asynchronous training session prior to attending a live 5-hour classroom-based training. To receive a certificate of completion, participants must pass knowledge level competency test and must demonstrate master of specific hob coach competencies. Documentation must be reviewed and signed off by an expert DSP (most likely a supervisor).