David Forbush Portrait

David Forbush

Educational Specialist

David Forbush has worked in the field of disabilities for over 20 years in a variety of capacities, including: Life Skills Educator, Assessment Specialist, School Psychologist, Director of Title-1 programs, Director of Special Education, Grant Project Director, Senior Research Scientist, University Clinical Instructor, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Assistant and Adjunct Professor in USU’s Department Special Education, Academic Interventions Center Coordinator, and has sat on state and national committees focusing on disabilities. He is currently a member of the editorial board for the American Council for Rural Special Education (ACRES) and has served as chair of ACRES. David’s research has been published in The Teacher Educator, American School Board Journal, Rural Special Education Quarterly, Journal of Teacher Education and Special Education, Journal of Special Education Technology, just to name a few.

Additionally, he has published 20 non-referred articles and has delivered over 70 presentations at state and national conferences on topics such as reading interventions, online tutoring, podcast development, teacher and paraeducator team building, and many others. David’s preparation of pre-service teachers and support of in-service teachers covers a total of nine courses ranging from consultation and collaboration, assessment, at-risk interventions, reading and language arts instruction, and special education law. David has spent a substantial amount of time supporting special education and related services personnel in pre- and in-service settings and has spent thousands of hours observing instruction and behavior supports in regular and special education classrooms. Additionally, David has participated in the development, use, and evaluation of multiple online tools, including a system to deliver reading tutoring to elementary age students in Philadelphia public schools.

David has been recognized by multiple groups, receiving awards such as the Utah Council for Exceptional Children’s Steven J. Kukic Special Education Administrator of the Year and the, Extra Mile Award from the Cache County School District. David’s disability related interests are broad, and include academic interventions for at-risk children and students with disabilities, and he has particular interest in reading interventions. He is also interested in special educational leadership, use of technology in education, pre- and in-service teacher training, disability law and policy, and the science of implementation of evidence-based practices. He has affiliations with a variety of organizations, including the Association for Behavior Analysis, the Council for Exceptional Children Divisions for Learning Disabilities, Teacher Education, Technology and Media, the American Council for Rural Special Education, and the Association for Direct Instruction.

Dr. Forbush directed the Utah Professional Development Network for the Center for Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education (TAESE) for a 5- year period and currently provides PD/TA in multiple states.