Amber Marsh Portrait

Amber Marsh

Training/Development Specialist II

Amber Marsh is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Utah. She has over 13 years of expertise as a Certified Customized Employment Specialist. She has served as the former Director of Employment, where she played a pivotal role in establishing and expanding statewide programs, implementing crucial employment forms, and assisting with leading transformational initiatives like the HCBS project that assisted with successfully eliminating over 100 sheltered work jobs.


Amber's distinguished contributions extend to leadership roles, such as the past president of Utah APSE, where efforts were directed towards innovation and collaboration in Employment First efforts. Amber continued her journey in Supported Employment opening up her own company, providing employment and community based services where she established many relationships within the community. Amber has consistently fostered collaboration, encouraged innovative thinking, and driven efficiency.


In 2019, Amber was recognized with the Sandra Asbury award for her innovation in employment services. Since then, she has been invited to speak at various organizational events, reflecting her insights on her commitment to employment first efforts and her ideas/approach around employment services.


Amber has served as a member of many professional organizations like APSE - Association for People Supporting EmploymentFirst, JPD - Job Placement and Development, UDDC - Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, and URC - Utah Rehabilitation Council. Amber continues to contribute to creating a collaborative and united atmosphere among professionals in the field. Grounded in values, ethics, diversity, and inclusion, Amber's philosophy is centered on enhancing education and standards, providing better tools/resources, and streamlining systems for professionals and individuals alike.