Tia Zebe Portrait

Tia Zebe

Student Research Assistant

Tia is currently a Senior studying Communication Studies. Her minors are in Mental Health Advocacy and Awareness, as well as Family and Human Development. Throughout her time at USU, Tia has spent 2 years working with incoming and current students as an orientation leader and in peer educator positions. She has a passion for creating safe and equitable environments and wants to go into mental health, disability, and social justice research in the field of Communication. 

Tia has worked at the IDRPP since October 2022 on the "Utah Mental Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (MHIDD) Training Intitiative Grant", as well as the "Photovoice and Mental Health Services: Experiences of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Grant" in the Research and Training Division under the direction of Rachel Byers.