Dayna Wilde Portrait

Dayna Wilde

Childcare Nutrition Monitor

Dayna Wilde works at the Child Care Nutrition Program as a monitor. She gets to go out and visit child care providers to ensure they understand and are following the program. She is thrilled she have this opportunity to work with providers as she used to be a child care provider herself for 35 years. When her first child was born she wanted to stay home with her and also provide a safe home away from home for other children all while loving and teaching them, providing fun activities and feeding them nutritious meals. Many years spent as a provider has given her the knowledge and self assurance to be a good monitor.
She was raised in Bear Lake Valley  and graduated from high school there. She was raised on a farm and learned hard work and determination as she milked cows, fed calves, moved sprinkler pipe and drove tractor along with her five siblings.
Dayna moved to Logan over 35 years ago.  Her education has consisited of many years of child care trainings and she was working on her CDA, nearing completion when she remarried and retired from child care. Dayna is married to great guy with the last name Hall so she anwers to either last name though she hasn't changed it legally.  She has three children of her own, plus six bonus children. She is very dedicated to her family and friends.
Dayna's hobbies and interests include yard work and gardening, journaling, motorcyle rides with her husband, evening walks, hitting the gym and playing with her grandkids.  
Dayna is excited to learn new skills and be a good team player.  She hopes her positive attitude and energy will inspire others around her. If you're having a bad day and could use a kind word or a smile she has plenty to share.