Ty B.  Aller  Portrait

Ty B. Aller

Research Assistant Professor

Ty B. Aller, PhD LMFT is a Research Assistant Professor for the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and is a Researcher housed in the Institute for Disability, Research, Policy, and Practice at Utah State University. As an individual with lived-experience of a mental health concern, Dr. Aller deeply values collaborating with self-advocates to adapt programming to better meet their unique needs. Dr. Aller is an early career researcher with over $1.4 million dollars in grants/contracts that support varying mental health based projects including: Adapting mental health literacy programs for varying peoples (e.g., rural populations, health care providers, youth leaders); Adapting acceptance and commitment therapy to better meet needs of those receiving therapy (e.g., adults on the autism spectrum, caregivers, parents); and Delivering evidence-based mental health trainings to diverse audiences to improve the quality of mental health care. Throughout each of his projects, Dr. Aller's work emphasizes finding ways to support communities to promote mental health and improve their well-being through their own unique strengths.