About Us

Meet the Team

The Center for Mental Health Promotion is a project housed in the Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice at Utah State University. The CMHP conducts research, provides training and disseminates resources related to mental health. Though each team member has a unique background, we are all invested in creating mental health training and research that improve wellbeing and quality of life for individuals across the lifespan. 

Name Background
Ty Aller, LMFT, Ph.D.

Ty Aller is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a doctorate degree in Family Science and Human Development, with an emphasis in adolescent development. He has received over $1.3 million in state/federal/private grants, published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, presented research at national conferences, and been actively involved with dissemination and implementation science. His primary interests are learning how to better serve folks living in rural areas, Autistic adults, and college students to support their mental well-being. 
Heather Kelley
Heather Kelley is a doctoral candidate in Utah State University’s Human Development and Family Studies program. Her research interests include strengths-based approaches to strengthening family relationships and understanding mental health concerns. Current projects include developing mental health literacy programs and acceptance and commitment therapy programs to support well-being when experiencing mental health concerns.  
Audrey Juhasz, Ph.D.
Dr. Audrey Juhasz graduated from Utah State University with a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies in 2019. She has expertise and experience in conducting evaluations in a variety of community programs. Her topical interests include early childhood education, specifically around diversity, inclusion, equity and mental health. Current projects include developing a science curriculum for Indigenous preschoolers enrolled in Head Start, and latent profile analysis of the intersection of language and social emotional development in Spanish-English dual language learners in Head Start. 
Rachel Byers, MPH, CHES
Project Coordinator
Rachel Byers has a Master of Public Health degree and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She became passionate about human services provision and research throughout her undergraduate degree while working with children and youth with dual diagnoses. She has worked in management for a residential habilitation service provider, where her interest in disability service provision and research piqued. She is passionate about health equity and quality health services provision. She is also a strong self-advocate for equity in mental health services and outcomes. She currently works on the Mental Health team in the Research and Training division at the Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice at Utah State University and is an adjunct instructor for Idaho State University.