Disability Advocacy Week 2024 Sessions

Early Intervention: A Critical Investment in Utah's Children (IDRPP)

Early intervention services in Utah, through IDEA Part C, are essential for improving the lives of infants and toddlers with disabilities. However, due to inadequate funding and an exponential increase in the number of children served, the Baby Watch Early Intervention Program is failing to meet the needs of all eligible children. This crisis demands immediate action to ensure all children receive the support they deserve.

The Facts About Supported Decision-Making (Disability Law Center)

Guardianship is one option for an individual and their family to provide support to an adult with a disability, but numerous less-restrictive alternatives may work for many individuals and their families, including supported decision-making. This session will discuss what supported decision-making is, why there is a need for proposed legislation to recognize this alternative under Utah law, and what impact the legislation would have.

Be an Advocate, Nurture an Advocate in the Community (Utah Parent Center)

This session will explore how parents and caregivers can elevate their voices to advocate on behalf of their child with disabilities in different community settings, as well as present strategies to support the development of advocacy skills in their loved ones from an early age and into adulthood for sustained community life. 

Home and Community-Based Waivers: Maximizing your Medicaid Waiver  and Using the Settings Rule to Advocate for Inclusion (Utah Parent Center)

This session will provide an overview of the Medicaid waiver system and how you can use the Medicaid Settings Rule to advocate for more inclusion. We will cover the important role of HCBS waivers in helping people with disabilities to live, learn, work and play in our communities. We will also discuss the importance of providing funding for individuals on the waitlist. This session is for individuals currently receiving waiver services, and for individuals and families on the waitlist. 

Advocacy essentials (Utah Developmental Disabilities Council)

In this session you will learn ways to talk about issues that matter to you. Together we will learn how to tell stories and share ideas that spark change. Advocacy starts with you and every voice matters, so join us to learn to speak up about what you want and need!

The Basics of Legislative Advocacy (Utah Statewide Independent Living Councils)

This session will help you learn the basic skills that you need to advocate for the issues that matter to you. You will learn how to identify your issue, craft your message, and talk to legislators. This is a practical session that will help you prepare to talk with your legislators during the LCPD reception.

Be an Advocate, Nurture an Advocate in the Education System (Utah Parent Center)

Parent and student advocacy efforts are crucial to successfully navigate the years involved in education. This session will provide tips to families on how they can set themselves up for success in schools, benefit from school programs, and help troubleshoot areas of difficulty during these years. 

a large group gathers in the Utah Capitol Rotunda