Customized Employment Training and Technical Assistance

The customized employment training and technical assistance course is designed to provide Employment specialists who have already completed their ACRE certificate the key elements of the Discovery and customized job development process. A customized employment specialist is responsible for all aspects of the customized employment process including facilitating discovery, creating a profile and visual portfolio, facilitating the employment planning meeting, facilitating customized job development, and creating a training plan that includes fading and natural supports and extended services as needed. In addition to working directly with jobseekers, the customized employment specialist works collaboratively with a person’s support team, employer, parents, educators, other service providers, vocational rehabilitation counselors and case managers. This combination of classroom and experiential learning is designed to ensure practioners are confident and competent to implement and complete the process.

Staff on the Project

Tricia Jones-Parkin

Tricia Jones-Parkin

Program Coordinator SR

Phone: 435-797-4276
Kelie Hess

Kelie Hess

Program Coordinator III

Phone: 435-797-4248


This project is funded through a contract with the Utah Department of Workforce Services.
Utah Department of Workforce Services Rehabilitation

Training Requirements
The customized employment training is a hybrid training, and is offered three times per year. Participants must complete the 40 hour ACRE training prior to this course. In order to receive a certificate of completion, participants must attend the 40 hours of learning sessions and complete the Discovery process with a jobseeker which is approximately 40 hours of direct work and writing/preparing the staging record, profile, visual resume and customized employment planning meeting. Participants receive a provisional authorization from USOR for the Discovery process to go through this course and can submit an invoice one successfully completed.