ACRE Employment Specialist Training

The ACRE Employment Specialist Training is designed to provide individuals with the requisite skills for understanding and delivering employment supports to individuals with disabilities. The training is competency focused and individuals will obtain the knowledge and skills to develop validated strategies to meet the diverse integrated employment needs of individuals with disabilities.

Staff on the Project

Corban Remund, M.Ed

Corban Remund, M.Ed

Program Coordinator SR

Phone: 435-671-8903


This project is funded through the Interagency Outreach and Training Initiative at the Utah State University Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice (IDRPP).

Training Requirements
The ACRE Employment Specialist Training is a 40-hour hybrid training designed for Employment Services Professionals with five corresponding training modules. Trainees complete twenty hours of live instruction (online or in-person) along with twenty hours of homework assignments that must be completed on their own time. The course typically takes trainees five weeks to complete.

ACRE, a national organization of trainers and educators that supports employment for people with disabilities, has developed four domains (39 total competencies) that services professionals should know and utilize.