IDRPP Salutes 2024 Graduates, Trainees

By Heather Hansen | May 7, 2024
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The Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice salutes our employees and URLEND trainees who passed a big milestone this year. Congratulations!

Bachelors Degrees

Melissa Fossatt
General Studies (major), Human Development & Family Studies (minor), USU-Eastern

Heather Hansen
Bachelor's of Science in Human Development & Family Studies, USU-Logan

Jordan Patterson
Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, USU-Logan


PhD Graduates

Heather Kelley
Family Science and Human Development (major), USU-Logan

Amy Drewek
Translation and Interpreting Studies from the Department of Interpretation and Translation (major), Gallaudet University.

URLEND Trainees

The Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities covers the five-state area of Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. It is administered jointly through the University of Utah’s Health Sciences Center, Department of Pediatrics, the Institute for Disability at Utah State University, and USU's Sorenson Foundation Legacy Center for Clinical Excellence.

URLEND trains professionals, graduate students and community members to move beyond discipline boundaries in providing optimal services to children and adolescents with special health care needs in a family-centered, culturally-responsive way.

URLEND Core Program

Jessie Allery, Applied Behavior Analysis, ND
Nicole Arguello, Occupational Theratpy, MT
Emily Austin, Dental, SLC
Tai Baker, Public Health, WY
Kirk Bjella, Pediatrics, SLC
Hanna Brashier, Dental, SLC
Emily Breed, Speech-Language Pathology, Logan
Kara Brown, Psychology, ID
Samantha Christensen, Healthcare Administration, UT
Melissa Eastlick, Social Work, MT
Emmie Gardner, Social Work, UT
Halyee Heller, School Psychology, Logan
Hailee Hill, Healthcare Administration, UT
Heather Hinchman, Social Work, ID
Makenzie Holmes, Nursing, UT
Mardi Hyer, Self-Advocate, Logan
Nisha Inthiraratnam, Special Education, ID
Victoria Jones, Psychology, ID
Mandy Kartchner, Parent/Advocate, UT
Rylee Kiernan, Special Education, UT
Hyunah Kim, Psychology, ID
Lacy Long, Special Education, ND
Clair May, Physical Therapy, UT
Jordan Moore, Pre-Health undergrad, WY
Kenly Moore, Self Advocate, WY
Abigail Norton, Psychology, UT
Ozlem Oner, Special Education, ID
Savanna Parady, School Psychology, UT
Jodi Patchen, Parent, ND
Christie Pham, Psychology, UT
Amy Rieser, Public Health, WY
Dakin Stovall, Parent/Advocate, UT
Ashley Thief, Special Eduation, ID
Deborah Tor, School Psychology, UT
Anna Turner (yr 2), Self-Advocate, Logan
Carl Young, Community, ND
Casey Blodin, IPA: Audiology, UT
Emily Burnett, IPA: Audiology, ID
Nicole Jaeggli, IPA: Audiology, ID
Madeline Ogden, IPA: Audiology, UT
Elena Stamm, IPA: Audiology

Autism-Enhanced (2nd Year Advanced) Program

Theresa Andrzejewski, Clinical Psychology, WY
Sarah Boland, Clinical Psychology, ID
Daphne Hartzheim, Speech Language Pathology, Logan
Shelby Johnson, Clinical Psychology, ID
Shannon Stuebs, Psychology - Counseling, Provo
SuzAnna Waters, Clinical Psychology, ID

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