Congratulations, 2023 Spirit of Service Award Recipients!

January 4, 2023
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This year's recipients: Jodie Andersen, Aubrey Snyder, Michael Diehl and Kim Stewart. Snyder attended virtually from our Salt Lake City location.

The “Spirit of Service” awards began in 2017 as a way to honor a person within each division who goes the extra mile without being asked, who is a tireless worker, but whose efforts largely go unrecognized. Someone who is an example of quiet service and dedication, is a self-starter, and is always looking for ways to make a difference, no matter how small. Here are the recipients for 2022, as their nominators described them. The awards were announced in the IDRPP annual holiday luncheon.

Administration: Jodie Andersen

"Jodie is a wonderful candidate for the Spirit of Service award. She is friendly and helpful and is willing to go the extra mile to complete her tasks. Those outside the business office often don’t recognize how complicated it can be to make sure expenses post correctly. Jodie is a master at navigating these complexities as she creates and monitors purchase orders, oversees p-card transactions, and reconciles hundreds of expense transactions every month to make sure they post to the correct projects. She is professional, dedicated, and self-motivated.”


Research & Training- Aubrey Snyder

“I nominate Aubrey Snyder for the Spirit of Service award. Aubrey always has a positive attitude in interactions with IDRPP staff and other professionals.  She is always willing to take on new projects and is willing to put in extra time and effort when there are pressing deadlines.  Aubrey engages in serval policy and research initiatives efforts that are designed to promote meaningful access and inclusion of people with disabilities in home, school, and employment settings. Her work on these projects and her disability advocacy exemplifies the IDRPP’s spirit of service.”


Services- Michael Diehl

“Michael Diehl has been an employee of the IDRPP for over 6 years. He is employed as the director of the Child Care Nutrition program and has been managing that program since being hired on in 2016. The Child Care Nutrition program serves childcare providers throughout the state of Utah to help ensure that children receive quality meals and snacks while at childcare. This program serves primarily in home childcare centers. The program supports education on nutrition, other nutrition-based support and helps to disburse funds from the USDA. 

"Michael has not only been doing the necessary duties required by the contract but has grown the program to include a much larger area throughout the state. One of his most recent additions is a large area in the Ogden area. Due to his hard work and this expansion, he has had to hire an additional staff member to help manage the workload. Michael is here to greet anyone on the second floor early in the morning as he usually is one of the first to arrive at the IDRPP each day. Thank you, Michael, for your hard work and dedication in making the Services Division truly a great place to work.”


Technical Assistance- Kim Stewart

"Kim has continuously provided expert and high-quality accounting support to the TAESE organization for many years. These past few years have become extremely complicated and more complex than ever as states and other funders increasingly require more detailed and complex reporting. Additionally, the sheer volume and complexity of the TAESE projects has increased significantly. Kim performs her duties with grace and professionalism, and we are so lucky to have her leadership and skills that help keep us above water and operating smoothly. Thank you, Kim!"

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