Disability Voting: a Rights Reminder

By Disability Law Center | October 27, 2021
a ballot box
If you vote in person, you can always ask a poll worker for help.

It’s nearly November: time to vote, and time to make your voice heard.

You may already have received your mail-in ballot. But if a paper ballot is not accessible to you, there are other options. Each county will have at least one vote center where you can vote in person and use accessible ballot marking devices with large print, contrast, touch screens and audio ballot options. Want to know more about these machines? The Disability Law Center offers this video on the accessible features and how to use them.

You have the right to an accessible ballot. If you cannot complete the ballot mailed to you without someone helping you, you can request a ballot in a format that meets your needs.

You can also have a person of your choice help you vote—but you can’t get help from your boss, union representative, or a candidate.

If you vote in-person, you can always ask a poll worker for help with voting. Remember, to vote in person you will need valid ID like a Utah Driver's License, State ID card, Utah concealed carry permit, U.S. passport or Tribal ID card.

Here are some more voting rights reminders from Utah’s Disability Law Center.

  • You have the right to vote if you are 18 years old and a citizen of the United States.
  • You don’t have to pass any kind of test to vote.
  • Only a judge can take away your right to vote. That means a guardian can only deny a ward's right to vote when the judge's guardianship order specifically lists voting decisions.
  • In Utah, you can vote even if you have a criminal record. A person convicted of a crime and serving time in jail or prison cannot vote while they are incarcerated. Once released, they can register and vote.
  • You have the right to vote privately and independently.

Visit vote.utah.gov for more information on where and how to vote. The Disability Law Center also offers more voting information on its website.

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