Wishing The Best To Sharon Weston

By JoLynne Lyon | September 14, 2020
Sharon Weston

This week, the CPD says goodbye and happy retirement to Sharon Weston. It’s not easy.

For one more day, she is the assistant to the executive director. Actually, she has been the assistant to all five executive directors at the CPD: Drs. Marvin Fifield, Sarah Rule, Bryce Fifield, Judith Holt and Matthew Wappett. Sharon’s level of competence is rare by itself. The kindness she layered over it all is legendary.

At so many CPD events, Sharon was the first to arrive, the last to leave and the least likely to complain. She guided, listened, summarized and organized.

Staff members at the CPD could go on and on about it… and they did, in pages of written tributes. The same words come up over and over again: organized, professional, invaluable, kind, cheerful, calm, compassionate. Here are some direct quotes:

“There isn’t enough paper to express my respect, love and true friendship I have for her.” --Diane Green (a fellow CPD retiree)

“I have always appreciated your calm approach, even under many stressful situations. … You have always been the rock of the CPD.” --John Copenhaver, director, Division of Technical Assistance at the CPD

“She was on the hiring committee when I was interviewed 13 ½ years ago for my job at the CPD. I remember how kind she was when she asked me questions and how comfortable she made me feel… She is a big reason the CPD has such a great reputation for being friendly and inclusive.” --Jodi Anderson, business assistant at the CPD

“You are the glue that keeps everything going.” --LaDawn Nielsen, fellow CPD retiree

“Sharon has been a part of the Fifield family for a very long time. She worked with Mar in the Department of Special Education before the Exceptional Child Center [now the CPD] was built. … Although she was gone for many years raising her family in either the wilds of Howell, Utah or on far off islands, she eventually came back and has been part of the CPD since. She has worked on some of the CPD’s most visible projects and some of its most onerous.” --Dr. Bryce Fifield, former CPD executive director

“Her professionalism has always been equal to her kindness. She is a great example of someone who is great at their job and kind and supportive to others at the same time.” --Dr. Jeff Sheen, CPD alumnus and current assistant professor of social work

“The CPD just won’t be the same without Sharon. Her readiness to help everyone embodies what the CPD is.” --Storee Powell, CPD social media specialist

“Thanks so much for your knowledge, wisdom, dedication, insight and good humor! You have been indispensable to the CPD through multiple changes—both buildings and leadership!” --Dr. Judith Holt, former interim CPD director, former director of interdisciplinary training, and fellow CPD retiree

“I have to tell you that I was always so impressed with your top notch quality of work, juxtaposed with the humble ways you always served the staff and performed your role. … You will be terribly missed.” --Dr. Cyndi Rowland, CPD associate director

“Sharon has been the glue that has held me together since that first day, and her organizational skills have been a godsend as I have slowly grown into my role here at the CPD. I have told her frequently that I couldn’t do my job without her…” --Dr. Matthew Wappett, CPD executive director

We don't want her to go, but we do want her to be happy. Best wishes, Sharon!

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