CPD Honors Four Who Show 'Spirit Of Service'

By JoLynne Lyon | January 24, 2019
Matt shakes Mary Ellen's hand
Dr. Wappett congratulates Mary Ellen Heiner, one of the award recipients.

The CPD enters 2019 with four new award-winners. CPD Executive Director Matthew Wappett honored these four staff members for the Spirit of Service awards. Here’s a closer look at them:

TA Division - Jon Whiting

Contributed by Cyndi Rowland

Jon truly exemplifies a silent soldier moving step by step in our constant battle against the war of inaccessible digital content. Jon is so incredibly productive, but few people would even know it, because he just puts his nose to the grindstone and works away. As an example of that, this calendar year alone he has executed 27 day or multiple day workshops, given 4 other trainings, presented at 4 professional conferences, authored 8 resources or articles that were published, was the project manager for the development of our online course, and engaged in countless evaluations and consultations for our clients. He is one of our true road warriors, yet never complains that this work takes him away from his wonderful family as often as it does. Jon has elevated the field with his practical knowledge (in fact was recently invited to sit on an international standards setting board for PDF accessibility), yet few would know him in this way. It is his silent, purposeful, and persistent service that I see. I would love to acknowledge him for all that he does.

Research & Training - Mary Ellen Heiner

Contributed by Mark Innocenti

For a long time, the Division for Research and Training has had a secret elf. This elf anticipates your needs and has things prepared before you ask. She takes care of the day to day operation of the division and most are happy with the way things are run. When you ask her for special help, she takes on the request from the big and “no fun” (think Kuali or RedCap) to the basic (need some chips). This elf plays many roles from colleague to listener to assistant. She is none other than Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen has been with the Center longer than most employees and has barely aged; another indicator of her elf status. We in the Division along with many in the CPD, the College, and even many students across the university have been thankful to work with Mary Ellen. She is more than deserving of the Spirit of the Season award. She has this spirit not just during the season but all year long.

Services - Patti Bodine

Contributed by Sue Olsen and Janel Preston

Patti Bodine has outlasted three directors of the Division of Services. For those of you who’ve been around, you’ll remember that she started as Seb Striefel’s administrative assistant. She continued in that position until retirement in 2004. But we needed her back and now works across many CPD projects. Patti steps up, steps sideways, backwards and every other direction. She responds to any and all requests with efficiency and completeness. No job is too large or too small. Patti is wonderful at filling in in a crunch. She wears many hats: bill collector, receptionist, copy enthusiast, chart organizer and ordering queen. She is farsighted, offering suggestions that helps the clinic office run smoothly. Patti is not of the technology generation, but is quickly learning to handle the electronic medical records software.

Most people never see Patti and the work she does for Up to 3. She is constantly helping with many details that keep the program organized. She just appears saying, “let me do this so you don’t have to” or “let’s not reinvent the wheel.” Any project she works on is completed with great attention to detail. She brings spunk and creates a level of energy and brightness for those of us lucky enough to work with her.

Administration - Lois Summers

Contributed by Sachin Pavithran

Lois has been a valuable member of the UATP team for many years. She is one we can always count on to pay attention to the details of the staff needs for the day to day activities that keeps our successful program running smoothly. She functions primarily in the background with a clear grasp of what needs to be done when it comes to activities as simple as ordering materials for the program to coordinating a very successful micro loan program by being the liaison between the client and our lending partners which has benefited thousands of Utahn’s to date. UATP’s success would undoubtedly be hindered without the continuing dedication of Lois’s hard work and attention to detail.

Congratulations, award winners!

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