Cpd Welcomes Bryson Carpenter To Its Media Team

JoLynne Lyon

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Bryson Carpenter
Bryson Carpenter

Meet Bryson Carpenter, a freshman at Utah State University. He is on the CPD’s social media team. When we do a Facebook Live video, he is often the face behind the camera. He also contributes photos to the CPD’s social media feeds.

“I like to be behind the scenes,” he said. “I like to figure out how it’s made.”

The 19-year-old is currently working on his general requirements and has not yet declared a major. So far his favorite class is psychology.

Some specialized equipment helps him work: a key fob that opens doors, a specialized tray has an arm that holds his iPad while he shoots video, and a pair of large switches help him operate his iPad.

His work station at the CPD has been customized so it’s at the perfect height.

He’s hoping for a career that involves broadcast and sports. Bryson loves the Utah Jazz.

He likes working at the CPD.

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