Up To 3, Logan's AT Lab Team Up On Sam's First Bike

By JoLynne Lyon | March 9, 2018

Spring is coming, and when it does, Sam and his family will be ready. He attended Up to 3 at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University.  During that time he worked on building up the strength in his legs.

Soon, Sam and his family will be able to go on building that strength on their own, thanks to a bicycle modified for him at the AT Lab in Logan. Amy Henningsen, an occupational therapist at Up to 3, brought him over to the AT Lab so that they could work on a bike that would allow Sam to pedal along with his family.

Up to 3 and the AT Lab are both part of the CPD.

The equipment, with pedals that are designed to move when the bike wheels turn, will help Sam continue to work on his leg strength. A push bar in the back allows an adult to help guide the bike.

The equipment is not new, said volunteer Todd McGregor, who has modified several bikes for AT Lab clients. This one needed some reconditioning. AT Lab volunteers also modified the pedals so they were the right height for Sam's feet. The switched the banana-bike-style handlebars out for a system that was easier for Sam to grip. And they swapped out the rear wheels, which had sustained a lot of wear.

The result: a customized piece of equipment that will combine therapy with spring sunshine.

"We love bike rides," said Tiffany, Sam's mother. "This year he'll be riding with the family."

The CPD thanks the Sato family for donating the bike.


Sam on his bike
Sam tried out his new-to-him bike on a spring day.
Sam on his bike with his mother
Sam and his mother take the bike for a test drive in the hall by the AT Lab.
With them is Todd McGregor, a volunteer who modified the bike.

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