Tot Spot: Eily’s Car

Rachel Williams

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Eily driving her sporty Go Baby Go car
Eily driving her sporty Go Baby Go car

From day one, Eily Corbett has been showing everyone what it means to be resilient. She contracted Group B Strep Meningitis at birth, and after only three days in this world, Eily had a stroke and seizures. Her stroke affected her right side and using her right hand and leg is difficult. Now, at two years old, she cannot walk without her walker or someone’s help.

Earlier this year, through the loving, persistent coordination of her occupational therapist, Amy Heningsen with Up to 3, Eily received a GoBabyGo car. GoBabyGo is a program that donates modified ride-on cars to children ages 0 to 3 who have limited mobility. Eily’s car has a button she can push to make it go.

"Eily loves her car! ... The car has been an incredible resource for her because she pushes a button and the car is able to move. With it, she can keep up and play with her friends."

Sara, Eily’s mom

In her car, Eily is just another kid. Other children don’t see her walker or her disability. Eily’s car also helps with her therapy goals. It requires her to use both her weak hand and her strong hand in a way she doesn’t think of as work. It is important to use play as therapy with small children because it motivates them and they become more likely to integrate those skills. Eily is so excited to play in her car that she scoots over to it and pulls herself up and inside. Everywhere Eily goes, she goes she points out cars on the road. At the mention of the word “car,” she gets excited and makes a “rroom” sound.

Closeup of Eily's face while in car

“I am so grateful that there are so many people who have my kid’s best interest at heart, like Amy, and GoBabyGo,” Sara told us. She said that with all of the extra expenses that come with a disability, they would not have been able to afford something like this for Eily.

Professionals and staff at Up to 3 are constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of children and families like the Corbetts. If your child or someone you know could benefit from Early Intervention services, call (435) 797-3727 or visit Up to 3.

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