Early Spring At The Disability Skills Laboratory

JoLynne Lyon

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Dallin and Marissa in coats they received from their work
Dallin and Marissa in coats they received from their work

We have been very busy here at DSL!  We now have four participants that have part-time jobs!  Sara and Ryan Dickey continue to work at Malouf in Nibley.  When asked what they do there, they are very proud to tell you that they are janitors and keep things sparkling clean.  They have worked there for about a year-and-a-half now.

Marissa and Dallin are working at the USU Recycling Center.  They are doing such a fantastic job that they earned brand new coats.  Their department didn’t have any injuries for over a year so they were all rewarded with coats!  When you ask Marissa what her favorite part of her job is, she will always say she enjoys shredding paper!  Dallin loves to separate items to be recycled.

We are always on the go here at DSL!  We have changed how we do things a little bit, and it is working awesomely!  We are out in the community in small groups almost daily. We love going to the mall, going to DI, going to movies, out to eat.  We still do a few group activities during the month (this month we are going to see “A Wrinkle in Time”) but our focus is community integration.  Sometimes it is hard to think of new things to do. We welcome all suggestions!

On March 14 we celebrated pie day.  We had many different pies, and had a lot of fun!  On March 2nd we celebrated Dr. Seuss and read stories, watched movies, and had Green Eggs and Ham for lunch!

On March 7 we celebrated National Cereal Day and everyone brought their favorite cereal!  We had lots of fun, and we read what your favorite cereal reveals about you.  We also celebrate several birthdays in March:  CJ, Drake, Lupita, and Justis.

We also changed our Music Therapy time to Monday morning which is really going well because we are more awake before lunch!

We are looking forward to warmer weather and being able to do more outside activities!  We are also looking forward to our Spring Break on April 5-6.

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