Cpd Bids Goodbye To Dedicated Uatp Coordinator

By JoLynne Lyon | October 30, 2018
Clay Christensen working with a student in the AT lab
Clay Christensen with a student in the AT lab.

This month, the Utah Assistive Technology Program’s Logan coordinator departs for North Dakota. The program will continue, but his departure leaves a hole in a lot of hearts—not just among UATP staff but the many people he has served along the way.

Whether he was working with a client or giving a presentation to a US representative, one thing was clear: Clay was invested in his job, not just as a means to a paycheck but as a way to make people’s lives better.

“Watching someone achieve their personal goals because of a little help we gave them is an emotional experience,” he said following one of his early projects.

UATP is part of the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. To find out more about Clay and the work he did with clients in Utah, visit the UATP blog.

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