Walk And Roll Success

JoLynne Lyon

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RWR boy
A young contestant at Run, Walk & Roll 2017

To everyone who turned out at this year's Run, Walk and Roll event, thank you! We are so pleased this event is catching on--we enjoyed twice as many participants as last year, and twice the support for children with disabilities in the Up to 3 program. Thanks also to this year's sponsors, who donated about $1500 in prizes! "The best part was the personal stories of superheros who came and those who are running their own personal races every day," said Marla Nef, the Up to 3 program coordinator. "The bounce houses, cotton candy, snow cones, balloons, and everyone cheering as names were drawn for raffle prizes were great parts of this fun family day." For a closer look at the event, check out the photo album on Up to 3's Facebook page.

Thanks again to our sponsors!

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