Thank You Up To 3 Supporters

JoLynne Lyon

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The Utah Legislature's additional support for programs
like Up to 3 help ensure quality services to the families
of children like Aaron.

To all the people who contacted their legislators in support of the Center for Persons with Disabilities’ Up to 3 program, thank you! You made the difference. Up to 3 is part of Baby Watch, a statewide program providing services to families of infants and toddlers from birth to three years old who have developmental delays, disabilities or diagnosed conditions. Its funding had remained flat since 2013, despite a 49 percent increase in children served. In the last legislative session, Governor Herbert requested $2.7 million to help the program deal with its heavier client load, and programs including Up to 3 appealed to families who have benefitted from the service to contact their legislators in support of the governor’s request. The $2.7 million request was funded, thanks to the support of voters and legislators. Special thanks also goes to Senator Luz Escamilla of Salt Lake City, who championed the issue. Thanks to your support, programs like Up to 3 can continue to provide services without compromising their quality.

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