Statewide Workshop For People On Asd Spectrum

JoLynne Lyon

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Updated May 19, 2017: Wednesday, May 24  marks the next in a series of statewide workshops will help people on the autism spectrum, their families, service providers and potential employers to use tools that will teach job skills. The Logan event features a job fair and a workshop for potential employers.  (A schedule of workshops follows this article). The goal in the series is to spread the word about the free Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit and the Spectrum Careers employment portal. Local work groups will also be established, and local leaders will be equipped to host the workshop, disseminate materials and complete training in using the tool kit and portal. They may then continue to train people in their county areas. The Employment Tool Kit helps adults on the autism spectrum research, find and secure employment in a competitive labor market. Adults with autism were involved in its creation. The kit pulls together stories, tips and resources aimed at increasing employment among adults on the spectrum. The Specrum Careers employment portal connects employers with qualified individuals with autism and other disabilities. It allows employers to post openings and job seekers to upload video resumes demonstrating their skills. Service providers and job coaches can provide autism-specific resources to support both employers and job seekers. The workshops are part of a CPD project seeking to increase employment awareness and opportunities for people on the ASD spectrum. It seeks local leaders who would like to coordinate and host workshops in the Davis, Utah and Iron County areas. For more information, contact the CPD.

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