Dickeys Dsl Scoop: Aug. 2017

Ryan and Sara Dickey

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Dickeys DSL two people looking at each other

In August we were able to do many fun, new and exciting things here at DSL! Summer Program came to an end on the August 19th. We celebrated the end of summer by having the 2nd Annual DSL Summer Olympics! Some of the events included: Bean Bag toss, a watermelon eating contest, water balloon toss which is just a nice way to say WATER FIGHT!!! We also had pizza and drinks and had a terrific time.

We also went to the park many times in August. We had many water fights. We played water balloon baseball, and Frisbee throwing.

We were very busy in the kitchen! We made fruit salsa with tortillas, and graham crackers, it was delicious! We also made peanut butter cookies, pumpkin cookies, and a milk can lunch. Our milk can lunch consisted of smoked sausage, potatoes, corn, carrots, and cabbage, Justis was in charge and it was DELICIOUS! We went swimming at the Logan Aquatic Center and HPER building, a great way to cool off! We did many activities with Common Ground: Cycling, fishing, and a Dutch oven lunch of mac and cheese. We tried something new this month at the movies. We decided that we would choose between two different choices at the movies. We could go see Spiderman or the Emoji Movie. That worked really well, everyone loved their movie choice. Some of our staff and participants went to the CPD picnic and had a great time eating and swimming. We also had random act of kindness day. We painted rocks with kind words. We will distribute them in different parks. Looking forward to fall weather and September!

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