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Sara and Ryan Dickey
Sara and Ryan Dickey are our new bloggers as DSL.

Here at the Developmental Skills Lab we have a NEW blog tag team.  They are Ryan and Sara Dickey! No, they aren’t married but they are brother and sister!  Sometimes they ACT like brother and sister too!  Here is a quick bio: Ryan- Ryan is 37 years young and has lived in Cache Valley for years.  He has been at DSL for the past year and a half.  Ryan lives in Nibley with his aunt and uncle.  Ryan has a job at Malouf in Nibley.  He has worked there about a year.  He works two days a week.  Ryan’s favorite part of his job is sweeping.  Ryan has an infectious positive attitude and loves to help everyone!  His favorite activities at DSL are going on outdoor adventures, going to movies, and cooking!  Ryan is so excited to report on the goings on here at DSL. (Note: we're including a video of Ryan and his co-workers at Malouf in Logan.)

Sara is an independent working woman who also works at Malouf.  Sara works three days a week.  Her favorite part of her job is wiping off the tables in the cafeteria.  Sara lives in a group home and enjoys being independent.  Sara likes to color, cook, shop, go to movies, swimming, and participating in Special Olympics.  She has also been at DSL for a year and a half.  Sara’s favorite thing at DSL is to go shopping for supplies and cooking.  Sara is a friend to everyone! This month in July we were very busy!  We were able to celebrate seven birthdays- that’s a lot of cake!! We had a big 4th of July bash on the 3rd- we had hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of fun.  We were also able to go swimming several times this month at Logan Aquatic Center and the HPER building.  We were able to improve our cooking skills by making many yummy healthy recipes including black bean salsa.  Our garden is growing and we hope that we can make some salsa with our very own tomatoes.  We also did many fun activities with Common Ground.  We did Dutch oven cooking, cycling, and a trip to Stokes nature center.  We also went to the movies and saw Despicable Me 3 and had a great time!  We also had taco day for our Becca (staff) who is moving to Boston on her new adventure.  We will miss her.  Good Luck Becca!  We also lived through the painters painting the rooms down the hallway- it looks so fresh and clean now!! We hope everyone had as much fun in July as we did here at DSL!

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