Members of the Institute for Disability Reserach, Policy & Practice team are constantly working to produce new knowledge on disability topics. They conduct research, serve on editorial boards and lead the Developmental Disabilities Network Journal, an open-source academic journal focused on rigorous scholarship about disability systems and the value and impact of the Developmental Disabilities network.

Research briefs

Supported and Customized Employment Outcomes: RSA 911 2017-2020. : Riesen, T., Juhasz, A. C., Remund, C. (2022)
Impacts on Utah DSP Retention: Burnout & Well-Being. Juhasz, A. C., Cutler, S., Wappett, M. (2023). 
Community Conversations: Outcomes Across Three School Districts In Utah. Snyder, A. Riesen, T., Emmett, K., Hess, K., & Strahan, N. (2023). 

Supported and Customized Employment Outcomes. Riesen, T., Juhasz, A. C., Remund, C. (2022) 

Published Articles Authored by IDRPP Staff, 2021-22

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           Wappett, M. (2022) Editorial: Increasing accessibility in academic publishing and upcoming initiativesDevelopmental Disabilities Network Journal, 2(1), 1-4.   




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Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions 

Journal of Early Intervention 

Rural Special Education Quarterly 


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Child Development 

Infant Mental Health Journal 

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Developmental Disabilities Network Journal 

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Frontiers in Psychology; editor for Research Topic: Coping with the Pandemic: Families Engagement and Early Parental Intervention to Support Child Development During and After the Covid-19 Outbreak 


Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 


Editorial Review Board Member, Review of Disability Studies, 2008-present 

Editor in Chief, Developmental Disabilities Network Journal, 2019-present