Eligibility & Services

If your child qualifies for services, you and the Up to 3 team will write an Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) containing goals to be addressed over the next six months. Up to 3 works with you to identify ways to blend developmental strategies into your daily routines to reach those goals, with most services provided in your home. Up to 3 provides virtual parent classes using zoom and in-person or virtual (zoom) visits in the child’s home and/or community.


Eligibility for Up to 3 is determined by a team of specialists with knowledge about early childhood development and medical diagnoses that may result in a developmental disability.The team will complete a Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI) evaluation, a health, vision, and hearing screening, and other target assessments by specialists based on your concerns about your child’s development.To be eligible your child must have a medical diagnosis on the State’s approve list, or have a moderate delay in one or more developmental areas on the BDI, or in the opinion of your assessment team have developmental delays that meet the State’s eligibility criteria.   If your child’s assessment does not have a developmental delay you will receive information to track your child’s development.Evaluation for eligibility is at no cost.


Autism Support
Home and center-based services for children who have early indicators of Autism including poor social communication, delayed imitation skills, or repetitive play.
Assistive Technology (AT) & Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
Assessment and services to help a child fully access their environment, be successful with tasks that are difficult to do, and/or a device for communicating with others.
Behavior Specialist
Assessment and instruction addressing behavior problems and coaching parents to use strategies to decrease challenging behaviors.
Hearing/Vision Specialists
Provided by The Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, and are included in the service plan for the family.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Provides support to address difficult and stressful issues.
Service Coordination
Coordination of Up to 3 services, referrals to community resources, and coordination of transition at 3rd birthday to school district programs and other community agencies.
Li'l Aggies Transition Class
Prepares children for transition to community preschool.
Dietetic Consultation
Provides information for healthier diets for families.
Occupational Therapy
Home and community-based services to help improve the child’s small motor movement (grasping, fingering, manipulating objects), feeding skills, and sensory integration.
Developmental Specialist
Home and community-based services to help improve a child’s development, learning, and participation in daily activities.
Physical Therapy
Home and community-based services to improve gross motor skills, balance, and movement.
Speech/Language Therapy
Home and community–based services to help the child in gaining language, communication, and sounds appropriate for their age.

Parent Training & Child Play Groups

These provide parent/caregiver education and opportunities to practice strategies with their child. Classes include:

It Takes Two to Talk
Parent classes focusing on language skills, taught by a speech/language pathologist.

Picky Eaters Club
Food exploration taught by a dietician and an occupational therapist.

Book Club
Weekly virtual Book Club – SLP uses book-sharing to build vocabulary. Parents join other parents and children, including those who are culturally-, linguistically-, and ability-diverse.

Benefits of Play (BoP) Class
The Benefits of Play (BoP group) uses Pyramid Model practices to support infants and toddlers to have better social skills and less challenging behaviors.