Keith Christensen Portrait

Keith Christensen

Assistant Professor

Keith Christensen is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University.  Prior to joining the faculty of LAEP, Keith worked as a research scientist with the IDRPP.  His scholarship is at the intersection of landscape architecture and disability studies.  This blending is based on understanding disability through a social constructivist perspective as the limiting of opportunities to take part in community life because of physical and social barriers.  His research emphasizes inclusive design and planning practices which support participation in community through the removal of environmental barriers to social access, rather than the regulatory aspects of site-specific design.  As such, his scholarly efforts stress macro-level environmental factors and spatial processes (i.e., suburbanization, transportation patterns, segregate planning strategies, environmental disparities, etc.) which contribute to social disparities among individuals with disabilities.  Prof. Christensen’s goal is to be continually involved in rigorous and meaningful scholarship which is both emancipatory and empowering for individuals with disabilities’ integration in community life.