Eligibility & Services

Who qualifies for Early Intervention Services?

Children ages birth to three who have:

  • Significant health problems, including extreme pre-maturity or failure to thrive
  • Significant behavioral difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Vision or hearing impairments
  • Feeding or sleep issues
  • Speech or communication delays
  • Problem solving or learning delays

How much does it cost for Early Intervention Services?

 Early Intervention Services are free for those on Medicaid and/or WIC. For all other families, service cost is on a sliding fee scale based on family’s monthly income. 

What are the steps to see if my child qualifies?

  1. Call one of our offices, or submit a referral from our Contact Us page.
  2. One of our staff will contact you to set up an appointment for an initial intake discussion and to complete preliminary paperwork.
  3.  A team of specialists will evaluate your child's developmental skills to determine his or her eligibility for services.
  4. If your child qualifies for services, you and the South East Early Intervention team will develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).  The IFSP will outline developmental goals for your child for the next six months, based on your concerns, priorities, and resources.
  5. Annual follow-up assessments will be given to determine your child's eligibility for services, and the IFSP updated accordingly.
  6. If your child continues to qualify, he or she will receive services from South East Early Intervention until age three. 

When should I call South East Early Intervention?

 You should call anytime you or your physician has concerns about your child's development.

What if I decide to discontinue services?

Early Intervention is strictly a voluntary program.  If, for any reason, you no longer wish to receive services, you can notify your child's Developmental Specialist or Service Coordinator. 

What happens when my child turns three, and I believe he or she still needs developmental services?

South East Early Intervention partners with Head Start and local school district preschools to assist your child in the transition from our program.  Keep in mind, however,  that these programs have their own set of qualification standards.  Although your child may qualify for services through Early Intervention, there is no guarantee they will also qualify for other programs.