Accessibility & Health

This project aims to provide resources to improve accessibility and inclusion in public health spaces for individuals with disabilities.

In partnership with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the IDRPP is working to increase the availability of resources and trainings about accessibility and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. These resources are primarily designed for local health departments, but many organizations may find them to be useful. More health disparities and barriers to accessing equitable and inclusive care are experienced by individuals with disabilities, due to a variety of environmental and systemic issues. By providing resources at the state and local level, we can improve the accessibility and inclusivity of these spaces.

This project includes a resource guide with tips, best practices, and other information to enhance accessibility and inclusion, as well as quarterly trainings, and an informational newsletter.

Please visit our resource guide and training page to explore the information available. If you would like to receive this information monthly and be alerted about upcoming trainings, you can sign up for our newsletter.